at the Northern Golf Club

The enjoyment of golf and the benefits of club membership depend on the extent to which members show their respect for the game, their fellow members, the course and the club. To this end, Northern Golf Club expects all members and guests to adhere to a standard of dress commensurate with our standing as a family friendly golf club.

Dress Code Principles

  • NGC’s dress code seeks to strike a balance between traditional and progressive views.
  • NGC expects members and guests to take pride in their appearance on the course and in the clubhouse.

In General

Members and guests should wear attire suitable for golf WHEN PLAYING GOLF.


NOTE: The wearing of DENIM, WORK CLOTHES OR WORK BOOTS IS PERMITTED on the Practice Facilities

Members and guests must wear, at a minimum, neat casual attire when entering the clubhouse.

For clarification and to avoid ambiguity, this does mean that neat & tidy BLUE DENIM JEANS, clean Work Clothes, Work Boots and Thongs ARE PERMITTED within the CLUBHOUSE

Hats or caps SHOULD NOT be worn in the clubhouse.

It is the responsibility of members to be familiar with the dress code.


  1. Only soft spikes are permitted at NGC.

  2. Attire must be clean, neat and tidy, in good repair.

  3. Manufacturers logos should be discrete.

  4. The following are NOT PERMITTED on COURSE ONLY:

a) Attire specifically designed for sport other than golf. This specifically relates to clothing, e.g. running shorts. Note that running shoes are acceptable.
b) Attire carrying commercial advertising (other than discrete logos).
c) Any BLUE DENIM attire
d) Tracksuits or leggings
e) Camouflage attire
f) Attire exposing bare midriff
g) Singlets, t-shirts or tank tops
h) Rubber Thongs, Work boots, plastic shoes, bare feet
i) High visibility work wear and industrial work wear in general
j) Dirty, torn (including designer stressed) or unkempt clothes
k) Any attire bearing images, advertising, slogans or logos that may cause offense
l) Swimwear or board shorts.

The decision as to whether attire meets the standard required will be at the discretion of the Management and Staff.

Unless the exception to the code is offensive or a blatant challenge to the dress code, the utmost discretion & decorum is to be used at all times in addressing an issue with a member or guest.

Failure to adhere to the dress code will result in members and/or guests being refused access to the course and/or clubhouse. In order to avoid embarrassment members must ensure their guests are aware of and adhere to the Northern Golf Club dress code.

The Board reserves the right to vary the dress code for extenuating circumstances and/or particular functions on a case by case basis.

Effective from 1st May 2019