Dress Code

The enjoyment of golf and the benefits of club membership depend on the extent to which members show respect for the game and the club, courtesy to their fellows, and consideration for their golf course. The Rules of Golf provide advice on etiquette when playing golf. The rules of conduct which influence members in their relations with each other determine the code of etiquette within a golf club.   In the interests of etiquette proper standards of conduct and dress on the course and in the clubhouse must be always observed.

Dress Code Principles

  • Golf is a traditional game based on values, etiquette and courtesy.
  • Private clubs expect higher standards of dress than do public courses.
  • Northern Golf Club’s Dress Code seeks to strike a balance between traditional and progressive views.
  • Northern Golf Club expects Members and Guests to take pride in their appearance on the course and in the Clubhouse.

Please click on the link below to view the current Northern Golf Club Dress Code

Northern Golf Club - Dress Code 2015/16

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