Club House Renovations Update

Clubhouse Project

Update for Members

We are pleased to advise that the completion is still expected by the end of September.

The Clubhouse is well progressed in its fitting out as you most probably have noticed:-

  1. New increased power and water services connections have been completed and the formal connection of power is simply waiting on Jemena.
  2. The lockers have all been installed in both Male and Female Locker Rooms
  3. Tiling in the showers and toilets of both Male and Female Locker Rooms is largely complete
  4. Tiling in the bar and bistro is largely complete
  5. Bistro equipment has now been largely installed and the main bar is not far off.
  6. The flooring in the bar & bistro is completed.
  7. First coat of paint throughout the clubhouse is mostly completed.
  8. The decking is in the final stages of completion.
  9. The decking pillars have been installed.
  10. The remaining pillars along the walkway between the Pro-shop and Clubhouse have been delivered and will be installed shortly.
  11. The pillars at the clubhouse entrance will be installed shortly
  12. The tiling at the clubhouse entrance has been completed.
  13. Construction of the walls and doorways connecting the old clubhouse has commenced.
  14. The Conference Room upstairs is largely complete but an upgrade to the upstairs kitchen and toilet facilities will be required before it can be made available for outside bookings.

All approvals have been received for the CART Shed and the associated bridges. Construction of both the bridges and the shed will commence in the next few weeks.

The new location for the Practice Nets is in the process of Board approval and construction will commence as soon formal approval is received.


Pictures:  Members Update Clubhouse Project


Mick Leyden (Clubhouse Renovation Liaison Project Manager)