Bunker Etiquette with NGC Pro Heath Bensted

Bunkers. Bunkers. Bunkers. Mostly, they are one of the least favourite places a golfer likes to find themselves. You know the feeling, everything is going well, your round is looking good, you’re playing with confidence and then all of a sudden you find yourself dropping a few shots by getting stuck in that dreaded bunker! This can certainly ruin your scorecard for the day. However, even though you may be frustrated with the numbers that start appearing on your scorecard it’s important to consider your fellow golfer.  

In this video our Head Professional – Heath Bensted provides a simple guide on how to get in and out of the bunkers at Northern and how to ensure that long after you’ve played that classic shot to get yourself out of the bunker that lands just inches from the flag, your fellow golfer will be none the wiser that you were in there (that is, until you tell them about it over a drink in the clubhouse). 

Enjoy your next round and make sure that those following you will enjoy it as much you did…